Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Partner, partner, where art thou?

This week marks our first earnest push to find partners for our bestseller launch. I've spent many hours online looking for likely organizations and people who will love Freedom Island as much as we do. And there are hundreds--each representing hundreds more folks. We've set out to contact as many as possible.

Books are stacked all over my office, and mailing supplies have accumulated as well. Now it's a matter of packaging, labeling, and getting them mailed. The books will be on their before the end of the week, and we are starting an office-wide "vision" to picture positive responses from everyone we contact.

In our preliminary set of email queries, the first day, we got one very abrupt (I'll say rude) rejection, but everyone else has been very polite. We are now on the Tea Party calendar as an official April 15th event--that's exciting! They are planning a bunch of nationwide events to promote taxpayer awareness and speak to voters. I'm amazed at the energy of the movement. It's as if most of the nation is in some kind of psychic sync with JR's message in the book. I'm jazzed!!

Lee Ellison
Senior Editor
Secret Staircase Books/ imprint of
Columbine Publishing Group

Next up: Let's see those numbers!

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