Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Less than three weeks to Book Launch--Will We Be Ready?

People are starting to contact us, sharing their willingness to get news of Freedom Island out to their own email lists of subscribers and customers. I'm so thrilled with the response!!

And...we are getting bonuses we can offer as an extra incentive for people to order Freedom Island on The Day--April 15th. This is exciting. A few of the bonuses will require some work by our staff here--layouts to make the material more attractive, covers for publications that will be delivered electronically. I want everything to be first class.

But all that is easily done. I've got someone already on the assignment of finding the right artwork for those covers, and another designer working on the interior layouts. The staff is pitching in with devotion and extra hours. Once I get cover art in hand, the web designer can set up the Bonus section of the website and the whole promotion will really start to look great.

Now for more partners--we really want to see this book in the hands of every voter over the next few months, and that means getting the word out to a LOT of people!
Lee Ellison
Secret Staircase Books

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