Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book partners and endorsers

Some great news this week. After sending requests to several celebrities asking for endorsements for Freedom Island, we've had positive responses from a couple. At this point, just requests for copies and a promise to take a look. Crossing fingers that they'll love it as much as we here at Columbine did.

Meanwhile, our inventory of books is on the way to us--we'll use the first few boxes to provide review copies to print media, online, and promotion partners. And I'm happy to say that the book just went up on sale on Amazon in print and as a Kindle e-book. For those with other types of e-book readers (Sony, Apple, Palm, etc) you can click this link to find Freedom Island in other formats.

Next week--the earnest push to locate and sign up partners to help with the marketing of the book. It's going to get busy around here--at this point we have more ideas than time to implement them. But it's coming together really well.

Lee Ellison
Senior Editor
Columbine Publishing/Secret Staircase Books

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