More Background on Freedom Island by JR Sinclair

Freedom Island is the political suspense novel of our time. JR Sinclair says he was inspired by Ayn Rand's timeless work, Atlas Shrugged, in which Rand illustrates the dangers inherent when a democracy begins to lean toward socialist, and eventually communist, governance. Sinclair feels that America has reached the brink of falling into the trap where people believe (or want to believe) that government should take over and provide many of their basic needs for them, at any cost. As Rand knew when she left Communist Russia and began writing about what she had witnessed there, a government with unlimited power becomes a very dangerous entity.

Freedom Island is set in the not-too-distant future in America, showing what will almost certainly happen as government runs up huge deficits and takes an increasingly large role in everyday life. We see the lives of the three central characters--a doctor, an aviator and a businessman--intertwined as each of them comes up against powerful federal agencies. Woven throughout this compelling fictional story are solid principles of economics, taxation, and freedom. In the end, the characters come up with creative solutions and show that there is indeed hope for our country.

I knew that I needed to write about this," says Sinclair. "The 2008 election was frightening; the watchwords seemed to be 'let government handle everything.' I was a kid when John F Kennedy advised us to do just the opposite. We need to not be asking government to provide for us.

  A lot of people seem to agree right now, as shown by the increasing frequency of taxpayer protests and rallies against government intrusions into banking, industry, and health care. Most people, according to recent polls, want to provide for themselves and are willing to accept less government help and interference in order to keep their freedom. If you agree, you can help get the word out by purchasing Freedom Island for yourself and for friends and family.

Here's what others are saying (from review pages):
"I especially loved the positive, upbeat feel of the story. The people have power! Democrats and Republicans would both be wise to heed the message. We CAN do something about it if they continue to ignore our voices. The author's notes at the end of the book are inspiring." -- Connie Shelton, author of the Charlie Parker mystery series

"Freedom Island is a place you'll want to go . . . not tomorrow or the next day but right now!! J.R. Sinclair dramatizes so many current issues, you'll feel like you're watching the five o'clock news. Real issues, real concerns AND what might be done to change things! This book is timely . . . our government has some answering to do and this is fiction (or is it?) that you can relate to with characters you'll care about. Three cheers for J. R. Sinclair's first novel--I hope it's the first of many!"-- Susan Slater, author of 0 to 60

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